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"Brooke Sweeney as Emma is delightful and strong. Her energy and ability to portray Emma even during the toughest emotional moments is impressive, and she leaves the audience in tears during the final scene of the show."

Catherine Macallister

"It's a small cast: only four actors, and all of them absolutely shine on the stage... Penelope Square... brilliantly played by Brooke Sweeney... [she] plays self-centered and obtuse to a T."

Mommy Poppins

"The cast delivered: Brooke E. Sweeney.. [one] of the strongest players comedically, climbed, squirmed, and crawled without any reservations, making [her] compulsively watchable... 

Shaun V. Gohel

"Brooke Sweeney as Frenchy is the sweet, first friend of Sandy, and Sweeney’s portrayal in both vocal quality and believability will have you hoping she changes beauty school plans so she can graduate high school with her friends."

Catherine Macallister

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